Through Inalca, the Cremonini Group is an absolute leader in Italy and one of the leading European players in the beef sector (burgers and canned meat). Moreover, through its subsidiary Italia Alimentari, it is one of the three leading Italian players in deli meats and snacks. After more than 58 years in operation, the group has distinguished itself as a national and international benchmark of the food industry, not only in its historical meat sector, but in distribution and catering as well.

In the 1980s, the group began operating in the world of deli meats,investing in factories in Italy, which were united under the company name Italia Alimentari SpA in 2012. It now owns various companies and factories around the world.

Organizational structure of Italia Alimentari SpA

Board of Directors

Mauro Fara

Roberto Gheritti
Domenico Riverso

Gianluca Mattioli

Board of Statutory Auditors

Alberto Baraldi

Statutory auditors
Paolo Caselli
Mario Lugli

Supervisory body

Giovanni Sorlini

Barbara Belloni
Lorenzo Taffelli

Organization and control model D.Lgs231/01 

In 2005, Italia Alimentari SpA voluntarily adopted an “organization, management and control model”, applying Legislative Decree 231/2001 (the “Organization Model“) on regulating the administrative responsibility of organizations. The model was updated by the Board of Directors on 05.11.18.

Italia Alimentari SpA also adopted a Code of Ethics, by resolution of the Board of Directors on 23.12.14, identifying suggested guidelines for all those working in its name and on its behalf.

Whistleblowing / Reports in accordance with Legislative Decree 24/2023