A complete range of customizable products

Deli meats

Italia Alimentari produces one of the jewels in Italy’s culinary crown: our sumptuous deli meats.

Unique flavours deriving from the unbreakable bond between traditional recipes and Italian geography and climate. Hence the company has strategically located its factories to be able to produce in the typical areas, applying technological innovation to the deep-rooted culture of expertise.

All the products are guaranteed consistent organoleptic and qualitative standards thanks to state-of-the-art systems and technologies that allow monitoring in every production phase.

Products range from  traditional deli meats like Culatta, Culatello di Zibello PDO, Emilian Mortadella, Salame Felino PGI and Bresaola to more innovative deli-meat products in line with current consumer and industry demands.

Sliced deli meats

Deli-meat slicing is one of the company’s strong points.

With five slicing factories in Italy and abroad, Italia Alimentari brings delicious deli meats to tables all over the world, every day. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the company is a benchmark for customized solutions, tailored to the customer.


Convenience and innovation

The snack division is the company’s youngest business unit. In only a few years of activity, it has won market leadership, becoming one of the main players in the and large retail channels.

Products include filled paninis, sandwiches and ready-to-eat dishes.


Traceability and the highest quality standards

This is Italia Alimentari’s third business unit: an area with high technological and industrial investment that has, in only a few years, made the company Italian leader in bacon production.

The range includes fresh bacon, in both industry and consumer formats (trays), and pre-cooked IQF bacon for catering and fast-food clients.